Here's what we learned from listening to new and s

Here's what we learned from listening to new and s

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Thank you for tuning in to our ‘New and Student Midwives’ event! We've recapped key moments below...

“I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life training to be a midwife, and I can’t wait to get out there and to make the changes that we all want to see.” - Alicia Burnett, Student Midwife, UK.

A warm thank you to our panelists, Fiona Howard, Margriet Pluymaekers, Neha Mankani, Olajumoke Adebayo, to our moderator, Alicia Burnett, and to all those who joined us from around the world for the passionate, informative dialogue that was this past Tuesday’s New and Student Midwives event. The first-hand accounts and tangible advice shared contributed to a robust conversation on improving recruitment and retention of midwives. Hearing and understanding the experiences of those new to midwifery provides important guidance on how we can strengthen our profession and ultimately provide quality care to women, newborns and their communities. 

As panelist and ICM Young Midwife Leader, Neha Mankani shared, “If you have a nurturing approach to student midwives, they will have a better learning experience.” We look forward to continuing the dialogue around nurturing environments during the remainder of the events in our Stronger Together event series (see details below). 

  • If you missed the New and Student Midwives event or want to watch again, you can find the event recording here

  • Visit the ICM Twitter feed for more quotes from our speakers.
Here are our key takeaways from this event: 
  • Ensure student representation at all levels (within midwifery schools, , Midwives Associations, midwifery practice learning environments).

“We need to make sure that student voices are heard” - Fiona, Student Midwife, UK.

  • Encourage student midwives to join their local Midwives’ Association to connect to their profession and career development and mentorship opportunities, and to promote collaboration between midwife educators and Midwives Associations. 

“Students shouldn't just learn about the associations but engage with them.” - Bartholomew, Student Midwife, Zambia.

  • Promote supportive, nurturing relationships between experienced midwives and students 

“When I'm with a midwife that is nurturing and trusting of my ability my confidence is through the roof, I feel energised, and that rubs off on my practice with women.” - Zoe, Student Midwife, UK.

  • Work to reduce conflation between nursing and midwifery and highlight the distinct role and scope of practice of midwives. 

“Here in Brazil, we face a constant fight to be recognised by other health professionals and by the community.” - Cora, Student Midwife, Brazil.

  • Improve employment and education opportunities for newly qualified midwives 

“Midwives that graduate here in Romania have very few employment opportunities. As a result, the interest in midwifery has decreased” - Victoria, Student Midwife, Romania.

So where does this conversation go from here?
The insights gathered during our New and Student Midwives event, and the remainder of the events in our Stronger Together webinar series, will help inform the Decade of the Midwife — a 10-year campaign by ICM and partners that sees midwives as the key to delivering SDG 3.1 (reducing maternal death to 70 per 100,000 globally by 2030).

We encourage you to add your voice to the conversation by using #DecadeOfTheMidwife in your social media discussions on midwives and their essential role in reducing maternal and neonatal mortality. 
Coming up in our 'Stronger Together' webinar series:
We’re eager to build off the momentum of this event as we continue to gather insights from key groups of women and midwives. Up next in our Stronger Together webinar series, a conversation on Midwives in Leadership featuring a panel of midwife leaders and trailblazers. 
  • Date: Oct 27 
  • Time: 15:00 - 16:30 BST 
  • Learn more about this event here 
  • Register for this event here (limited spots available!)
“This was incredible; I'm so pleased I'm not alone in my thoughts, thank you very much to all of you!” - Pia, Student Midwife, Italy.


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